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How to connect a chandelier?

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If you bought a new chandelier, it is now important to connect it properly. So how to do it?

Safety above anything else

Whenever it is a question of connection to the electrical installation in the network, it is better to leave everything to an expert. When connecting a chandelier, it is important to follow certain instructions and, first and foremost, to follow safety precautions to avoid electric shock. Here you can read how you would proceed in the role of an electrician.
If you only change old chandelier for a new one, it is necessary to first remove the old one, for which always use an insulated screwdriver. Before the operation itself, it is almost necessary to turn off the fuses. Of course, only those that belong to the luminaire will suffice. However, if you do not know exactly which ones they are, do not leave them on under any circumstances and rather switch off the entire main circuit breaker. Once you have done this, it is now better to make sure that they are really not powered by a 100% functional tester. 

Chandelier mounting 

If everything is okay and you find out that they are no longer under-voltage, you can start the connection itself. Most often, a total of three wires hang from the ceiling, one which is neutral, that leads directly to the fuses, the second phase, and the third protective. Each has a different color. Phase one is usually brown or black, the neutral one is blue and the protective one is yellow-green. However, if you are still not sure which one is which, reconnect the fuses and test it with a tester. The one that will shine is the phased one. 

Once you are sure about which wire is which, you can start the connection. Most often it will be about connecting contacts of the same color. In practice, it means connecting the brown phase conductor to the contact on the bulb and the neutral conductor to the contact on the chandelier circuit, which is, as we have already mentioned, blue. Also, do not forget to connect the yellow-green ground wire. 
If you have done that, all you need to do is to attach the chandelier to the ceiling and mount the bulbs. Then just turn on the fuses again and check, if everything is lit as it should be.
If the chandelier is working, congratulations! However, even if you think that you can handle everything yourself, we really do not recommend this option. We always recommend calling a certified electrician. 

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