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How to choose the right chandelier for a living room and a bedroom?

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It goes without saying that a chandelier should be in a living room as well as in a bedroom. Have a look at how to choose the right chandelier.

A chandelier for a living room 

When choosing the main lighting of a living room we tend to focus mainly on a visual aspect. No doubt it is very important. We certainly should like the design of chandelier so that we don’t get annoyed whenever we pass by the chandelier because we can’t look at it anymore. The fact, how the chandelier looks in a living room or a bedroom is an essential part of the right selection. No doubt about it. It highly depends on overall design and furnishings so that everything goes well together.
If you are building your house, you have a great opportunity to decide where you wish to place a chandelier. If you plan to have only one main luminaire, a best practice is to place it in the middle of the room. This will do the trick if your living room is really small. In case your living room is large it is a good idea to place several luminaires in there. And by that we don’t mean just complement the main lighting with several lamps. For many of you a living room also serves as a dining room. This part of a living room also deserves its own chandelier. This chandelier is usually placed above a dining table. In this chandelier you can use a weaker light bulb than the bulb used in the other chandelier so that your eyes don’t get dazzled when eating.
The chandelier, which is considered to be the main one or central one, should server for all activities, which you usually do in a living room. Therefore, you should carefully think about all activities, for which you will be needing lighting. For example, ironing, which most of the people will be doing while watching TV in a living room. However, even ironing can be dangerous for your eyes with poor lighting. That is why you should choose a strong enough luminaire. As for the light bulbs, most often recommended is warm white color which, besides other practical features, also evokes a nice atmosphere. You can place a chandelier in a living room in case you have high enough ceilings. If the opposite is true, you can also use in a living room various spotlights, ceiling lights or suspended ceiling lights, which might also look very tasteful. Furthermore, if you like a pleasant dim-lit atmosphere you can also purchase a dimmable chandelier and you can adjust the luminous intensity as you like.

A chandelier for a bedroom 

As far as bedroom lighting is concerned, the same advice for selection of light bulbs also applies here. The best for bedrooms is warm white color, which is not too bright yet nicely lights up the room. In most cases, one chandelier or one ceiling light usually serves well as the main luminaire in a bedroom. The luminaire should be placed in the middle of the room so that the light is evenly distributed throughout the room. If you wish to place multiple luminaires in a bedroom you should make sure that the light is evenly distributed also in this case. In another words, make sure that the whole bedroom is evenly illuminated, not just part of a bedroom. You will surely try clothes on here and for this, you need good visibility. Therefore, the light bulb should be strong enough, but not too bright. As for the specific type of a light bulb, again it depends on the design of the whole room.
Whether it is a chandelier for a bedroom or a chandelier for a living room, at our online store you will find everything you need for every room design. Classic chandeliers, stained glass chandeliers or vintage chandeliers. For classy bedrooms and living rooms we also offer crystal chandeliers. What matters most is that everything is elegantly harmonized and that you feel good and comfortable here.

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