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How to replace a light bulb?

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When someone says a bulb replacement, many of you will certainly say that it‘s not complicated. However, even a bulb replacement may have various pitfalls.

Some information about light bulbs

There are many lights available for purchase on the market. So that everything works well, and the lights shine well, it is essential to pick the right bulb. And trust us when we say, that not all light bulbs are the same. The first thing you should care about when choosing a light is a bulb cap of the bulb, that fits into the light. When buying a new light, you will always find this information in the specifications. Some bulbs need to be screwed in the light, other bulbs just have to be pushed into a bulb socket and turned to lock it into place. Bulb caps E27 are equipped with a screw base, which is a standard wide base. E14 is also a type of a bulb cap, which has to be screwed in, the only difference compared to E27 is, that E14 is thinner than a bulb cap E27. Other types of light bulbs need to be either pushed or inserted into a bulb socket.
Safety first
When mentioning possible pitfalls during bulbs replacing, we shouldn’t forget to mention, that if you replace or install a light bulb for the first time, safety always comes first. What that means is that if you start to replace a bulb, power at the fuse box must be turned off. What could happen is that you touch a light, which is under voltage and you get an electric shock. And, of course, that is very dangerous. It is high voltage and this injury could cause you serious health issues.
As far as types of bulbs are concerned, you can choose from standard, energy-saving and LED light bulbs. However, if you are purchasing a light with a narrow shade, avoid unshaded, powerful bulbs, which give off a lot of heat. There is a risk that a shade could catch fire due to a high temperature.
Types of light bulbs
Standard light bulbs are the cheapest ones, but they also have the shortest lifetime. More economical variant are energy-saving bulbs, which also have a longer lifetime however, LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient bulbs with the longest lifetime. It is up to you which type you choose. LED bulbs are usually more expensive than standard and energy-saving bulbs however, considering the lifetime of LED bulbs this investment really pays off.
Lights with LED modules and a replacement of standard fluorescent tube with a LED tube
If you have purchased a light with a built-in LED module, you certainly wonder, whether the light source can be replaced. Since these lights have a lifespan up to 50 000 hours, it is supposed, that the light should work until it is time to buy a new one. However, in case the replacement is really necessary, it is possible. However, this work is not suitable for regular users. It is always necessary to contact an electrician, who should have no problem with such a replacement. 

This is also the case even if you decide to replace a standard fluorescent tube with a LED tube. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, it is not possible to simply remove a standard fluorescent tube and replace it with a LED tube. Of course, the replacement is possible, but the situation is the same as with lights equipped with LED modules, the replacement is not suitable for laymen. In this case, it is more complex intervention in the light. For this reason, you really should leave this work for an expert who, if he/she is at least a little skilful and skilled, will easily handle the replacement. However, if you want to have at home a light with a LED tube, it would be better to purchase a new one, which was made for this type of tubes. You can invest the money, which you would pay for an adjustment, in a new light and your satisfaction will be guaranteed. 
So, if you plan to buy a new light or just to replace the light sources at your current lights, consider well, which light is the best for you also taking into account light sources, which fit into the light.
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